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Founded in 1992, HISCO has been on the forefront of developing the most efficient and innovative business solutions for automated systems in the sports and recreational sector. For 29 years, we have been working on revolutionary ideas for finding the ideal integrated solutions for businesses nationwide. Our integrated systems have shaped the sophisticated sports complex, spa & resort, health club, and golf facilities landscape in the Republic of Korea you see today. Our elegant solutions have received the prestigious "Korea Sports Industry Award" from the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, and we serve over 3,000 customers nationwide who trust our excellent reputation.

HISCO - upgrading your business to the most competitive sports and recreational address in the sector.

Automated Entrance System

  • 회원카드

    1. Locker key is allocated by kiosk, without going through information desk.

  • 발권용지

    2. Locker number printed.

  • 락커

    3. Locker opens automatically. Locker is locked when exits.

Kiosk System

Kiosk system is unmanned system where when membership card is tagged locker is automatically allocated.

Without going through information desk membership register, ticket purchase or golf batter box allocation can be handled by unmanned system. Payment can be made either by card or cash.

Using Mobile

  • - Barcode confirmation instead of membership card
  • - Automatic application through accessing wi-fi in the center
  • - Automatic locker allocation, when using auto locker key system
  • - Notice, promotion or access time notification services available through SMS without additional cost

Gate Access Control System

Integrated with membership management system, access of non-members can be restricted at the gateway.

  • - Entrance by tagging membership card at the gate
  • - Access allowed for only valid members
  • - Control number of entry and hours of use
  • - Audio guidance system